Hello Mom to Be...

Are you on the fertility journey right now?  

Do you ever tell yourself that there’s something wrong with you? Or that there’s something wrong with your body?  

Perhaps you tell yourself that there’s something shameful about having problems conceiving or carrying a baby to term. I did this too.  

I was on the fertility journey for a very long time and what I discovered along the way was that my self-talk could either be my greatest enemy or my greatest ally. 

Can you join me on Tuesday, September 11 at 12 noon, PST?

In my free webinar you will:  

  • Hear about my own journey to motherhood - you are not alone.
  • Discover the science behind self-talk - one of your greatest allies during this challenging time.  
  • Learn about how you can create time and space to transform your self-talk - feel empowered to choose self-talk that is kind, compassionate and loving.  


Maryse Cardin is an award winning communications practitioner, university teacher and author who lives in Vancouver, Canada.  

After decades working in communications, including years studying how our self-talk impacts our daily lives, she has been able to create a proven system for transforming how we speak to ourselves one step at a time.  

Having spent years walking her own path to motherhood, Maryse is now adapting her proven strategies for self-talk transformation to the challenges of fertility.


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